The Eastlawn Project

Introducing the Eastlawn Project - a kitchen that embraces a harmonious blend of warmth, and texture, creating an inviting space perfect for culinary creativity and social gatherings alike. With its two tone cabinetry, and white oak island with reeded details, this kitchen is as aesthetically pleasing as it is organized. The custom appliance garage combines aesthetics with everyday functionality, while reeded glass doors enhance the space with sophistication and charm. Get ready to cook in style!


Key Features: Hidden Appliance Garage, Reeded Island Details, Custom Range Hood, Custom Fireplace Mantel and Bookshelves, Shiplap Details, Reeded Glass Doors, White Oak Island. 

The Ramsay Project

Welcome to this charming haven- The Ramsay project! A delightful fusion of cottage and farmhouse charm meets modern elements, resulting in a space that feels light, airy, and playful. The color palette exudes warmth with creamy whites and hints of blues, evoking a serene and welcoming atmosphere. Stone tiles underfoot provide a rustic touch, grounding the space with natural elegance. A custom-built-in bench breakfast nook area adds to the inviting ambiance, offering a cozy spot for casual dining or morning coffee. This blend of rustic charm, modern accents, and inviting elements creates a space that is both stylish and welcoming.

Key features: Custom Cubbies with Bench Seating, Shiplap Details, Custom Breakfast Nook Bench, Glass Doors, Custom Range Hood, Panel Ready Appliances. 

The Fraser Project

Step into the Fraser Project: a perfect fusion of cozy and chic. A striking black fireplace with custom white oak mantle creates a family room centerpiece, flanked by bespoke bookcases with glass doors. Onto the island – not just a prep station, but a delightful feature with shiplap details and cunning hidden storage, making organization a stylish affair. The end result? An irresistibly inviting space that effortlessly plays host to both warm gatherings and culinary delights.

Key features: Shiplap Island Details, White Oak Fireplace Mantle, Custom Bookcase Cabinetry, Glass Doors, Hidden Island Storage.